"We are the flowers, we are the trees, we are the animals, we are the spirit of all, that the beauty that we give out in the vibrations of light is the temple within our souls”. 

                                                             - From a Cherokee poem
    The lines above, from a Cherokee poem, express my feeling for nature and our oneness with it. I try to capture this in all of my photographs. From the grand spectacle of a beautiful sunrise to the minute detail in a delicate feather, there are many layers of complexity and inspiration in all natural things. 
     Ever since I received my first Kodak Brownie camera for Christmas years ago, I have loved photography. . My interest in nature challenges me to find fresh ways to capture common subjects like new-fallen snow, autumn mountain colors, and ocean sunsets. I am always looking for new ways to capture images and light from unusual perspectives. I am a member of the f/32 Photography Club in Asheville, NC and the Coastal Arts League in Half Moon Bay, CA. I have exhibited my photography at various shows and venues in both of those locations inclucing the Coastal Arts gallery in Half Moon Bay, CA, the Black Mountain Center for the Arts in NC, and the Swain County Center for the Arts.  I teach photography classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School and at many private workshops.  

Mill wheel
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Pescadero Wave Breaking
Sunrise over Lake Fontana
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